What is a foot zone?

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In your feet there is a signal system that correlates with the structure of the body.  There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet. By stimulating these points in a specific pattern it can elicit a response from the nervous system that relieves stress, balances emotions and improves the overall function of the body.  It’s similar to acupuncture because it opens up blocked energy but it’s done without using needles and is non intrusive.  For many, foot zoning is a relaxing process that is very desirable.   

People in the West (USA) are rediscovering that “nature,” through foot zoning, has provided us with a means to heal ourselves.  This does not mean we should ignore the advice of a trained physician, just take into consideration the power our bodies have when we understand and apply energy movement. Foot zoning is an amazing way to enhance a healing path and bring harmony back to the body naturally.

Many cultures throughout history have understood that the feet hold important clues as to what is ailing the body.  This technique has stood the test of time. For centuries, many around the world have used foot zone therapy to bring the body back into balance and assist in its natural healing intelligence. If you experience pain, illness, or stress in anyway, you owe it to yourself to explore foot zoning. 

Foot Zone Practitioners do not diagnose, prescribe or cure, but work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside standard medical health care to promote better health for their clients and empower their wellness options.

How Foot Zoning Works



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Body Mind and Spirit

Studies show stress is linked to many health issues and can exacerbate or increase the risk of just about any condition you can think of. Foot zoning is the IDEAL technique that can help release stress and assist your body in finding balance and homeostasis. Empower your wellness with a foot zone and see for yourself the amazing benefits.

Clients report many benefits with a foot zone, such as…

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-Improved energy and feeling more upbeat
-Chronic discomfort and migraine relief
- Strengthen concentration & mental function
- Release stress & increase relaxation
- Feeling calm and balanced
-Quality sleep management
- Enhance blood flow
- Improved focus
-Joint discomfort
-Sore and stiffness
-Ease auto immune distress
-Stress reduction and relaxation
-Assists with addiction recovery
-Lighten difficult menstrual cycles
-Calming mental unease and irritation
-Helps people who are on their feet all day
-Postpartum and feeling blue after giving birth
-Improve pregnancy and labor issues (Before or after trimester)
-Accelerate the regenerative process from injury, illness, or surgery
-Upgrade strength & endurance (AMAZING BEFORE A COMPITITION) Increase “in the zone” sports performance

Nobody can claim that foot zoning is a cure.  But what is clear is foot zoning is an incredibly powerful tool for releasing energy that gets stored in the body and helps alleviate aches and pains related to health issues, it aides your body’s ability to boost its healing power.  When experts claim that it is estimated that 90 percent of all physical problems have psychological roots, you owe it to yourself to explore the benefits of a foot zone when seeking wellness options.

Foot Zone History

Many people and cultures deserve credit for the development of foot zone therapy.  These practices can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt 2500 BC and Ancient China from the 6th Dynasty 2330 BC.  India, Southeast Asia areas, as well as Native American cultures have also developed their own modality of healing though the feet. 

In the early 1900, Dr William H. Fitzgerald Senior Nose and Throat surgeon of St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, introduced what he called “Zone Therapy” to the USA.  He used this technique with his patients to relieve pain and treat other health issues by using pressure points in the feet.

In the 1930s, a woman by the name of Eunice Ingham became intrigued with Dr Fitzgerald’s work.  She was a chiropractor, physiotherapist, author, and lecturer.  She worked alongside other well known doctors who also applied “Zone Therapy” in their practice here in the USA.  She continued to develop further understanding of “Zone Therapy” and coined the term “Reflexology”.  Many cultures adopted the word “Reflexology” and it is used as a common reference to describe the art of healing though the foot. 

Healing Copped

A foot zone is an improved version of reflexology; it includes a combination of many techniques used around the world. A number of foot therapy specialists combined their expertise and worked through what they felt were limitations in reflexology. They added new techniques, adjustments, and modern knowledge to the practice. Hence the Foot Zone was born.  A foot zone is like reflexology only AMPED UP and offers an advantage because it stimulates more signals to the body and provides a greater state of balance then most foot therapies available.  It reflects enhanced understanding of the connection between the body, mind, and soul and many clients are empowered by experiencing wellness options though a foot zone.