My Story & Credentials

Sun in hand

My desire is that my journey may inspire and assist you to understand the power within yourself and become the master of your own life as you were designed to be when it comes to well-being. Prison is where my transformation begins… yep, that’s right, in prison. Now let me be clear, it wasn’t because I was an inmate. I was there as a Mental Health Therapist and worked with the female population.  I learned a new way to view the world though my experience in the prison. 

My first day at the prison:
I was so excited I had just finished my internship at a drug treatment and recovery center.  I was looking forward to new path at the State Prison. My new boss appeared to be everything I hoped I could aspire to become one day.  I felt like a sponge when he would share information and make suggestions, I could not get enough of his knowledge. 


My supervisor had set up a time to take a group of new therapists for an orientation within the facility. This would be my first time ever walking in the prison yard and meeting the inmates.  As the group gathered together to enter their new domain, the guards read the names of those who could enter.  My name was not read… “Excuse me” I said to the guard, “There has been a mistake I’m supposed to be on this tour but my name was not announced.” Appearing to lack in concern the guard unemotionally informed me, “If you’re not on the list, you’re not going on the tour.” I learned quickly in prison that there were few rules, if any that could be bent or broken. Somehow my name got lost and I was not able to participate in the tour. My supervisor in his haste to keep up with the group walking through the iron doors yelled back at me, “Don’t worry, on your first day I will shadow you and get you oriented.”  Feeling disappointed that I missed out with the group; I found comfort in knowing that I was going to get my own personal tour.  My hope had been to familiarize myself with the job I was about tackle.  I wanted to feel more prepared and organized though the tour but things don’t always turn out as planned. 

Deep Breath

A few days later I sat in my incredibly busy supervisor’s office waiting for him to take me within the walls of confinement for my own personal tour. He appeared to have another emergency on the phone and could not attend to me.  Two hurried guards came into his office and asked “Are there any therapists available?” We have an inmate who has threatened suicide and we need help.” I was thinking “WOW! I’m going to learn from the expert and witness what to do in this situation first hand.” Instead, he looked over at me and said, “Sorry Hollee, I have another emergency, I need you to take care of this.” I immediately felt incredibly overwhelmed. At the time, I had never handled a situation this extreme and I wasn’t sure what to expect within the environment itself. As two guards escorted me to out of the office and onto the yard my mind was racing “What on earth did I get myself into?” I couldn’t run away because I was entombed within four sections of steel doors to the outside world and scaling the barbed wired fence didn’t seem much of an option either.  I had to face my fear and calm my nerves and I had to do it quickly.  I started to breathe deep and apply the training I had in coping with panic attacks and administer the technique to myself.             

I soon met the fiery red head who was having a bad day. After two hours of listening and negotiating I was able to get her to commit to safety and better yet, get her to laugh at my frivolous jokes.  I share this experience not only to show there was never a dull moment in prison, but that there are plenty of opportunities to learn from others, and this where my story begins. 

As the days passed I continued to have encounters that were challenging, yet full of new insight.
My eyes were opened in many ways. I learned to surrender to what felt overwhelming and just do my best regardless.  I learned that we have power within ourselves that sometimes we don’t know exists. This power comes from the quiet of our mind when we listen.  Fear can take away from our ability to listen. When we apply techniques that help us overcome fear and anxiety we become empowered. Fear no longer gets in the way and we open the door for transformation.  Life lessons were coming at a rapid pace and I could feel change within myself and those around me.

Setting strong boundaries is vital because in a prison environment one has to set the tone for what is expected. Even though I had to be firm, I genuinely learned to care for the ladies and I could see their transformation just by being there for them, being present influenced them to thrive. I believe sincere love is the answer to healing and I could see how it influenced their recovery and progress toward their goals. I witnessed the high vibration love has to offer those who are seeking understanding of themselves and the world.

The biggest lesson I learned evolved from observing how their emotional issues appeared to match physical ailments; it was something I could detect intuitively. This really captivated my attention and my findings changed the course of my life. At the time, I had little formal training on the connection of emotions and the impact to our physical body. I started to research what I hypothesized and found many books that confirmed my suspicions. I learned that the mind and body are “powerfully” connected and affect each other on a deep profound level. We store trauma and negative emotions in the body and it can manifest into health issues.  I became obsessed in finding out more information.  My research always brought me back to the idea that energy or vibration can balance both body and mind.

Sunset Training

Throughout history different cultures have benefitted by tapping into and working with different forms of energy. For thousands of years the Chinese have practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi to get their energy moving for health and relaxation.  In Japan, Reiki has healed countless people simply by working with their personal energy fields.  But in recent years breakthrough scientific studies have taken this belief one step further. By discovering that every person on the planet possesses what is known as a personal energetic frequency; a form of energy that impacts our health, relationships, circumstances and events in our lives.


I soon realized that recovery comes in many forms and I wanted to move into a more holistic approach.  I discovered many options in energy movement, but the technique I became most impressed with was the FOOT ZONE.  It was a tool that naturally suggested the mitigation of physical ailments as well as emotional obstruction; I witness this phenomenon over and over. It was the most fascinating discovery of my life when it came to new possibilities for better physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I have taken my career on a whole new path and found passion as a holistic life coach, teaching others how to empower their own life by understanding “Energy movement and vibration” and offer the experience of a foot zone.  My highest joy is to help others raise their vibrational frequency and watch their life transform.  I would love to be a part of your journey and help you discover how vitality stems from within the sole.  Find out for yourself what zoning is all about. 

Emotions play a role in our health.   


According to Prevention Magazine:

It is estimated that 90 percent of all physical problems have psychological roots. That may sound like a gross exaggeration. In fact, it’s probably a conservative estimate. A growing body of evidence indicates that virtually every ill that can befall the body-from acne to arthritis, headaches to heart disease, cold sores to cancer-is influenced, for better or worse, by our emotions.(Quoted from The Complete Guide To Your Emotions And Your Health P.563 by Emrika Padus and the editors of Prevention magazine.)

Credentials and Education

Member of the Utah Foot Zone Association
Master in Counseling/Mental health Counseling
Bachelor in Psychology
Obtained training in the following:
Emotional Freedom Technique
Foot Zone Practitioner
Qi Gong

Utah Foot Zone Professional Member 2014-2015We Do Feet Seminars

Hollee King
Certified Foot Zone Therapist
Sandy, Draper, Salt Lake City, Park City, Utah