What is the difference between A Foot Zone and Reflexology?



Foot Zoning vs Reflexology


What is the research behind Foot Therapy?


China, Denmark, and the United Kingdom have done rigorous research on the benefits of Reflexology as a therapeutic modality.  They recognize foot therapy as a safe and beneficial process that can be integrated in an established health care system. In North America, conventional western medical practitioners are just beginning to explore these possibilities and benefits.  Several references & science journals are listed below, please check it out for more details. 

University of Minnesota driven to discover, what does research say about reflexology?

Published research into reflexology, A collection of published research into reflexology 2007… Research includes: Impact of reflexology on the workplace, headaches and migraines, gynecological problems, digestive disorders, diabetes, pain, nausea and relaxation, cancer, chest disorders, circulatory system, post surgery.   

University of Minnesota driven to discover, taking charge of your health and well being- Reflexology

Reflexology Association of British Columbia

Positive Health online integrated medicine for the 21st century, Reflexology around the world.

Health benefits of reflexology… the impact on pain relief and MS patients

Reflexology for pregnancy and labor

While foot zoning is an incredibly powerful wellness option, it’s not a replacement for western medicine.  In many cases, foot zoning is used in combination with conventional treatments.  It’s the addition of foot zoning that enables clients to access a new found energy and discover their full healing potential.