Purple Candle Spa

When I was a little boy age of 5, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My parents were told I needed surgery and they did not expect me to live a long life. That was over 50 years ago. Even though I have overcome statistics and out lived my prognosis, I still cope with pain and have most of my life. I have had many surgeries and continue to count on Western health care professionals for related health issues. I am thankful for the doctors and the medical health care profession that have saved my life.

For many years I have been given prescription pain killers to help me get through the day. There are times the pain is so bad, I don’t function for long periods of time regardless of the medication I’m on. Doctors have tried to wean me off my pain medication with good intensions, but it only makes it harder to function with the pain I have to live with.  I tried a foot zone and for the first time, I found comfort and balance in my body. Pain is a lot less and I can tolerate it with regular foot zones.  I can function better though out the day and my thoughts tend to be clearer. 

Weekly foot zoning helps me live life with a lot less pain.  I don’t understand why or how this works, all I know is how I feel when I’m done with a zone. I would recommend anybody dealing with chronic pain try this method as it has changed my life.

- Stephen P


White Towel Spa

I LOVE getting a Foot Zone. I work 55-60 hours a week on my feet and before I discovered Foot Zoning it was really taking a toll on me from both foot pain and loss of energy. I have been getting a zone from Hollee for about a year now, two-three times a month and the results were instantaneous. At first it was just a relaxing therapy for my aching feet but after a couple of sessions I noticed greater energy, better sleep and that I was carrying myself in a more relaxed manner. This past year I have not been ill even one day and was not even bothered by spring allergies. I definitely plan on continuing with foot zones well into the future

- Joe K


Shoes Off - Outside

It’s been years since I have felt this good and I contribute it to the foot zone. I am 73 years old and have osteoporosis and have had staph infection twice. I started having back pain and leg cramps and it was uncomfortable to walk around. Hollee started to zone my foot and the leg that was bothering me the most started shaking, I couldn’t control it, it just kept on trembling. 

She worked on my foot for quite a while as my leg kept on vibrating and to my surprise my leg stopped shaking and I had less pain in my back when she was done. That night I slept deeper than usual and by the next day all the pain was gone, I felt great.

There are times I can tell the parts of my body she is working on when she touches my feet. I know it is helping me in ways I’m not aware of because my body just feels better when she is done and for many days after that. I am grateful I found something that works for my pain without needing to take more medication and being able to sleep better changes everything.

- Judith


Purple Dust Spa

Hollee is an amazing foot zoner and energy healer! I have been having her foot zone me throughout my pregnancy and I am delighted at the difference this pregnancy has been compared to my other pregnancies. Not only has the foot zone helped with my chronic pelvic pain by keeping it at a manageable level even with the continued growth and pressure from the baby, but it has done wonders for other pregnancy symptoms. My hormones are more balanced, I have had far less acid reflux symptoms, my morning sickness time was shortened as well as the severity lessened.

I am a firm believer that the foot zone is helping not only me but also my soon to be born baby girl. After a foot zone my energy is increased, I find that I move more freely, I feel happier and more able to go about my day to day activities feeling chipper and ready for the day, I just overall feel better. I plan to have foot zoning be a big part of my last few weeks of pregnancy, labor, and post partum experience. I am so happy that I found such an amazing natural therapy that can help in so many ways and has changed my life tremendously. Thank you Hollee for sharing the gift of healing that you are blessed with!

- Danielle W


Bare Feet Family

Hollee has been zoning me for a little under a year.  I have seen noticeable improvement in my overall health and well-being.  I am on my feet for 8 to 10 hours 4 to 5 days a week.  My back, legs, and feet would throb; I would sometimes swell up and be in a lot of pain.  Thanks to the foot zone I’m back to my active lifestyle, I have more energy and my body feels much better.

- Stephanie M